Leon's Knot (Captured Half Hitch?)

This is a knot devised mid-scene. It has no official name. Feel free to comment here if you've seen it somewhere else with an official name. Model: CherriesJubalie


Standard Safety disclaimer: Bondage is fun but it can also be dangerous. Ropes that are too tight or in the wrong place can cut off blood flow or cause nerve damage. It is your responsibility to ensure that you play safely. That, and don't try the final result of this image without a very experienced bondage model. Cherry only stayed in that pose for 30 seconds!

Whatever you do, have fun doing it!

Step 1 - Make a lark's head around the desired area. For me, this is usually around the waist.


Step 2- Wrap around the body below the bight if you want the finished tails to be pointed down as in this example. Go the other direction if you want them pointed up.


Step 3 - Wrap around the body as many times as you deem necessary. More wraps equal more comfort and support against the body.


Step 4 - Push a loop (bight) up through the secondary bight you made by pulling against the lark's head originally.


Step 5 - Push the loop (bight) down behind all of the ropes, leaving the one pair of strands that you pushed through free.


Step 6 - Feed the loose tails of the working end down through the loose pair of ropes that you left free in step 5.


Step 7 - Tuck the tails of the working end through the loop (bight) you tucked behind all of the ropes in steps 4 and 5.


Step 8 - Start snugging the knot up while pulling the tails of the working end through.


Step 9 - Snug the bottom bight up while pulling on the working end's tails.


Step 10 - Snug the whole knot up, working the rope as needed to make a nice tight assembly. When you pull on the tails of the working end, the harness will not get tighter.


Step 11 - Enjoy

Tutorial Copyright 2009 - Monkey Fetish Studios
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