Drum Harness

This harness was learned in Lee Harrington's class at Shibaricon 2005 but I have been told that it originated from Taipan. Anyone who has authoritative knowledge on this, please let me know the origin of this harness so that I can document it here.

Model: CherriesJubalie


The drum harness is used for suspending someone upside down. You do this at your own risk! If you do not know what you are doing, do not do this tutorial. Period. You have been warned. Serious injury could occur if you do not know. Shall I go on?

Step 1 - As with most of my bondage, I start with a lark's head.  Starting around the hips, the rope should be placed just above the curve of the hips but below the waist.


Step 2 - Wrap several wraps around the waist and finish off with a non-tightening knot of some sort like the Captured Half Hitch.  Generally 3 wraps for lighter bottoms up to 5 or 6 is adequate.  Take care to not tighten your harness too much as that will cause the ropes to slide up to the waist.


Step 3 - Use the remainder of your rope to start creating the thigh harness.  Wrap as high as possible on the thigh and pull the rope between the legs.  Take the running rope under the hip rope support line and pull the working ends back through to create a bight on the back of the leg.  If there is inadequate rope to perform the following steps for this leg a new rope can be attached as demonstrated in step 16.


Step 4 - wrap around your bottom's leg one or two more times to create adequate support.  These bands on the thighs will be used to support some of the weight.  Add enough that your bottom is as supported as desired.


Step 5 - Tuck the running rope through the bight created in step 3.


Step 6 - Continue by tucking the running rope under the wraps on the other side of the standing rope coming down from the hips.


Step 7 - Snug the rope up and pull tight.


Step 8 - Bring the running rope back up and behind the standing rope from the hips.


Step 9 - Pull tight and bring the running rope toward the front of the body.


Step 10 - The standing rope from the hips may move towards the side while it is being worked with.  This is seen in step 9.  Adjust the rope so that the hip support line is directly on the back of the thigh and then tuck the running rope under the hip harness centered between the front and back.  Pull taught and tuck the running rope under the standing rope as shown.


Step 11 - Repeat for the front of the thigh.


Step 12 - Twist the rope so that the running rope is closer to the outside of the body than the center and tuck a loop under the hip harness.  The twist isn't explicitly necessary but will make for a cleaner half hitch.


Step 13 - Finish off the half hitch and pull the running rope between the legs.


Step 14 - Lock the rope between the legs by creating another half hitch.  Two or three half hitches would be even better.

Step 15 - There may be a significant amount of rope left over and there isn't a lot of room on this harness for decorative embellishment.  If there is adequate rope remaining, it can be used to at step 16 instead of adding a new rope as shown below.  If not, leave the excess running rope to dangle for now and find something creative to do with them later.

Step 16 - There was not adequate remaining rope in step 15.  Add a new rope positioned over the back of the thigh with a lark's head.

Step 17 - Finish the second leg harness off as previously described.  There is some leftover rope which will be used for creative purposes later.

Step 18 - Front view of the finished harness.

Step 19 - Thread a caribiner through the thigh and crotch ropes.

Step 20 - Enjoy.  This harness works well for face up and upside down positions.  Face down may be rather uncomfortable.  This is especially true for men.

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