French Bowline

I learned this tie from Taipan at Shibaricon several years ago.  I exclusively use this tie or the Sommerville Bowline instead of the japanese suspension cuff as a non-tightening cuff for arms and legs.  Beware that you will not be able to until this cuff under tension.  This is both a positive and negative quality of this knot.


NOTE: this tie is often demonstrated with a single rope as the running end instead of using a doubled rope with a bight as the running end as demonstrated here.


Model: June StPaul


Standard Safety disclaimer: Bondage is fun but it can also be dangerous. Ropes that are too tight or in the wrong place can cut off blood flow or cause nerve damage. It is your responsibility to ensure that you play safely. Whatever you do, have fun doing it!

Step 1 - Start with a bight in the center of the rope.


Step 2 - Pull the bight around the back side of the limb in you are working with.


Step 3 - Use the bight as the running end and wrap around the limb.  Leaving these wraps a little loose or placing your fingers under the wraps will help keep the final product from being too tight.


Step 4 - Similar to the Japanese suspension cuff, cross the running end bight over the standing end.


Step 5 - Tuck the bight under the wraps.


Step 6 - In many cases, pulling on the bight while holding the standing end and will cause a loop of the standing end top pop out from under the wraps.  If you can't get this technique to work, just push a loop of the standing end up under the wraps.


Step 7 - Pull the running end bight around behind the standing end.


Step 8 - Pull the bight through the loop made in step 6.


Step 9 - Pull the bight and the standing end simultaneously (working the rope as necessary) to cinch the knot tight.


Step 10 - Enjoy.


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