Traditional Armbinder

The traditional armbinder is one of the sexiest rope ties possible. It can be challenging to implement if you don't have a bottom who can naturally touch her elbows behind their back. Having an assistant handy to help hold arms close together when trying this tie for the first time is a good idea. Also, make sure your bottom has thoroughly stretched before attempting this tie to prevent any muscle or tendon damage.

Model: CherriesJubalie


Standard Safety disclaimer: Bondage is fun but it can also be dangerous. Ropes that are too tight or in the wrong place can cut off blood flow or cause nerve damage. It is your responsibility to ensure that you play safely. Whatever you do, have fun doing it!

Step 1 - Start with a bight in the center of the rope.


Step 2 - Drape the bight and running end over the shoulders and under the arms to form a lark's head in the center of the upper back.


Step 3 - Create a bight from the running end and tuck it under the rope behind the neck.


Step 4 - Pull the running end through the bight to form a half-hitch.


Step 5 - Pull the half hitch tight to form an anchor point high on the back.


Step 6 - Take the running end between the arms and torso and start to wrap it around the arms.


Step 7 - Wrap the running around both arms and hook it over the standing end to reverse direction and wrap the running end around the arms a second time in the opposite direction.  The second set of wraps should go above the first set.  During this part, it is a good idea to have an assistant help hold arms at the desired location while you learn to execute this tie.  It also helps if the bottom locks their fingers together and pulls the shoulders back as far as possible on their own.


Step 8 - Feed the running end through the bight created between the arms and torso  NOTE: For steps 6 through 8 the arms were deliberately left farther apart for demonstrative purposes.  For the rest of this tutorial, the arms were placed at the desired distance


Step 9 - The running end has been fed through the bight with the arms at the desired distance apart.


Step 10 - Wrap the running end around the rope between the arms to form a cinch.  For those who are less flexible, this can be wrapped as wide as needed as a bar wrap.


Step 11 - Bring the running end down to the wrists and repeat the same procedure used above the elbows to create two wraps around the wrists.


Step 12 - Take the running end through the bight under the wrists and bring it around to start a cinching wrap.


Step 13 - Feed the rope between the wrists to cinch.


Step 14 - Take the running end between the wrists again, separate the two ropes underneath the wrists and criss cross them as you bring them up the arms.  Once you reach the top feed both ropes between the arms above the cinching wrap.  This step is absolutely critical as it both helps bring the arms much closer together but it also removes much of the pressure just above the elbows where the median nerve is typically located.


Step 15 - Now that both running ends are together again, feed them over the top of the topmost cross point of the criss-crossed ropes and between the elbows to the under side between the arms and torso.


Step 16 - Weave the running ends over and under the criss-cross pattern to help hold the criss-cross in place.  An added benefit is that this can also help draw the arms slightly closer together.


Step 17 - Tie the running end off with a knot or find a creative use for the remainder of the rope as shown here with the crotch rope created from the final length of rope.


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