Traditional Armbinder

The traditional armbinder is one of the sexiest rope ties possible. It can be challenging to implement if you don't have a bottom who can naturally touch her elbows behind their back. Having an assistant handy to help hold arms close together when trying this tie for the first time is a good idea. Also, make sure your bottom has thoroughly stretched before attempting this tie to prevent any muscle or tendon damage.

Model: CherriesJubalie


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French Bowline

I learned this tie from Taipan at Shibaricon several years ago.  I exclusively use this tie or the Sommerville Bowline instead of the japanese suspension cuff as a non-tightening cuff for arms and legs.  Beware that you will not be able to until this cuff under tension.  This is both a positive and negative quality of this knot.


NOTE: this tie is often demonstrated with a single rope as the running end instead of using a doubled rope with a bight as the running end as demonstrated here.


Model: June StPaul


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